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Even low cholesterol… serious consequences that affect the heart

A South Korean study warned of the risk of abnormal cholesterol levels in the blood, even low levels that can be controlled with medication, but may eventually lead to a heart attack.

A high level of harmful cholesterol in the blood may lead to heart attacks and strokes. This is medically recognized, but the study conducted by government health centers in South Korea indicates that low levels of harmful cholesterol also may lead to cardiovascular diseases if not taken. controlled pharmacologically.

According to the researchers, the harmful low-density cholesterol, or what is medically called “lipoprotein cholesterol”, may be very harmful, as it is deposited inside the walls of the arteries, which leads to obstruction of the bloodstream.

Doctors believe that the results of this study should not change the criteria for routine tests to conduct a cholesterol check, nor in the treatment plan through the drugs that are taken to control it.

But if there are varying levels of lipid cholesterol, a special medication should be taken for it.

Many things cause an increase in harmful cholesterol, including eating large amounts of foods saturated with fat and fast food, in addition to lack of movement and weight gain..

Consultant interventional cardiologist, Dr. Muhammad Andron, told “Sky News Arabia”: “This study is unusual, because we know that harmful cholesterol leads to blockage of arteries and heart attacks, but this study focuses on very low cholesterol, pointing out that it is associated with An increase in the death rate from heart disease.

He continued, “People who have a deficiency in cholesterol also suffer from other diseases that may lead to death.”

Andron noted that “it is known that people who take the famous cholesterol drug (statin) have a lower risk of death, with regard to heart disease and stroke.”

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With regard to the percentage of harmful cholesterol in the body, he explained that doctors advise that the percentage be as low as possible, adding: “When the patient visits the doctor, the latter makes an assessment that includes age, gender, family history, and weight, to decide whether the patient needs treatment or not.”

And he continued, “Before we start treatment with people who have low cholesterol, we advise them to change their lifestyle and follow a healthy lifestyle first, then re-examine after 6 to 8 weeks, and if cholesterol remains high, we ask the patient to take medication.”

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