News even if it's been depressing for two years, you...

even if it’s been depressing for two years, you might as well be in the sun


When we talk about injuries that determine the future of a career, we immediately think of Derrick Rose, Grant Hill or Brandon Roy. All these guys have gone through complicated episodes first on the physical level, but especially in the head. What Andre Roberson has been experiencing for two years is comparable to the cases mentioned above. He hasn’t walked the NBA floors for two years now and we’re still wondering what the Thunder medical staff are up to. We are told every month that the Thunder swingman is close to returning before delaying the date of this famous comeback. What’s going on ? He himself seems to have trouble understanding. It is for this reason that he decided to take a step back from his team to go and perform his rehabilitation in Los Angeles.

First, let’s recall the facts. It’s January 27, 2018, at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit. While the Thunder unrolls its basketball with 25 points ahead, Russell Westbrook sends Dede to the alley-oop in this bottom line connection that worked so well at the time. The latter does not manage to conclude and falls weirdly on the knee. In slow motion, nothing suggests that this action will keep him away from the floors for so long, but he still crawls out of the floor. We can see at his head that he is suffering terribly. And for good reason, the verdict will announce a rupture of the patellar tendon of the left knee, and a season to forget. From this moment will follow long months of galley. While his return is announced for October of the same year, he is the victim of a first relapse. After two months, while a comeback is expected in the coming days, the Thunder announces that Rob has again experienced knee pain during training and will be absent from the prosecution for at least six weeks. The season is almost over, and all the conditions are not favorable for his return since the Thunder seems to be doing well without him. He will therefore not play the season, a year and a half without competition.

So many relapses necessarily affect the head. And even if Rachel DeMita is there to comfort him, he seems not to progress in his quest to return to the highest level. Time is short, he who is now in his last year of a three-season contract at 30 million of dollars, which means that he will be a free agent at the end of the season. But who would mind an injured player who has been away from the courts for two and a half years and who is struggling to put on a layup? Well aware of the complexity of its situation, the defensive bulwark of the Thunder decided to leave the environment of its team to continue its rehabilitation under the Californian sun according to Erik Horne of The Athletic. If Billy Donovan wanted to keep him with the team in recent months, Steven Adams, him, evokes the need for him to step back. Andre therefore flew to Los Angeles, far from the oppressive atmosphere of OKC. Indeed, it must not be easy to be so close to a return many times, then have to return home, hobbling, with the only satisfaction of hoping to be able to return to play 2K to compete in the 3-point competition with his own character. Poor Dre ‘…

In any case, let’s hope that this step back will be beneficial to him. We count on Rachel to brighten up his days so that he does not fall into depression like some before. And if his return with the Thunder seems compromised, we hope to see him again on an NBA floor. Yes, he is not and never will be an elite striker, but many teams would dream of having such a strong player on the other side of his roster, provided that he regains 100% of his physical means … and that’s another story. Good luck Andre, have a good time, take good care of yourself and come back to us quickly, we miss your huge concrete blocks terribly.

Source texte : The Athletic


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