EvdWL over de Xbox Series X, de PS5, Nintendo Switch en EA

It’s just Friday and that of course only means one thing. No two. Almost weekend and EvdWL. This week has been busy, chaotic and tough. But this week was also quite special. For example, we have both the Xbox Series X and the PS5 may review. We are at the beginning of a new generation and those are the moments for which you do it as a game media maker. But now it’s time to sit back and enjoy a new EvdWL. With in this edition: The Xbox Series X and S, the PS5, EA, Watch Dogs, the Nintendo Switch and much more.

From Next-Gen consoles

One of the reasons this week became so special was because we finally got to review the Xbox Series X and the PS5. It is therefore logical that we will now also talk about it. Are the men already getting a bit of the Next-Gen feeling? Or does it feel pretty much the same as the older consoles? Did they spot any remarkable things? How do you like both consoles at all? Do they prefer one of the two devices?

EA has big plans

EA has big plans for the Next-Gen consoles. They announced this in their forecast for 2021. The superpower announced that they currently have six titles in development for the Next-Gen consoles. It would be titles such as a new Battlefield, FIFA, Madden NFL, Need For Speed ​​and an unknown name. Currently, there is no precise date on which these games should be released, but games like Battlefield should be able to make good use of the newer consoles. We’ll stay with EA for a while, because it has also been announced that Jedi: Fallen Order will be on EAPlay on November 10. And let it just be that EAPlay is part of Xbox Game Pass from November 10. That and more at EvdWL …

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MSI promotion around Gaming notebooks with RTX 2080 Super

As we mentioned at the beginning of the video / podcast, MSI has spectacular discounts on their Gaming notebooks with an RTX 2080 Super. Plus, you also get the game Watch Dogs: Legion as a gift! Use these link if you feel like shopping.

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