EvdWL about hot Xbox Series X, ungainly PS5 & the preorder troubles

It’s almost weekend and that means only one thing! A brand new EvdWL! And man man man, what a week it was. From a ripped apart PS5 to a hot Xbox, it was all over the place. Jelle and JJ are ready for you to take a look back at the past seven days. Because there is plenty to discuss. For example, Sony has a new one PS5 Teardown video of their new baking beast called the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X appears to have a heat problem, we’re going to talk about preorders and of course a lot more! Sit back comfortably, because it’s time for a brand new EvdWL.

That PS5 is pretty big, say …

This week, Sony released a PS5 teardown video about the new console. In this video you could see for the first time in moving images how big the PS5 is. In fact, it looked almost taller than our Japanese friend Yasuhiro Ootori’s upper body. Of course, the size of the PS5 isn’t the point Sony wanted to make with this video. But the memes were nice anyway. By giving the viewer a peek inside the PS5, he or she can prepare for the moment he or she has the console itself and may need to take them apart. And if we can believe the video, it is bound to happen.

Does the Xbox Series X have a heat problem?

There are a few issues that have come up for generations when it comes to consoles. Consoles have regularly had problems with how much noise they make (the PS4 Pro is a good example of this) and consoles can get quite hot. The latter problem now seems to be popping up again, at least with Xbox, when it comes to the new console generation. Several news outlets announced that the Xbox Series X is struggling with heat problems. Jelle and JJ hit it off, together with the chat in the End of the Week Live on Friday 9 October.

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