Eva Longoria’s Revealing Revelations about Her Personal Life and Intimate Preferences

Eva Longoria’s Revealing Revelations about Her Personal Life and Intimate Preferences

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A glamorous icon throughout the world, Eva Longoria has mastered her communication perfectly since she rose to fame. However, the bubbly actress sometimes does not hesitate to reveal some revelations about her personal life, as she did a few years ago about what she prefers in bed. With assumed transparency!

As she approaches fifty, Eva Longoria still has the wind in her sails. From a “simple” actress in her early days, the Mexican-born actress has added many strings to her bow. Director, producer, screenwriter, model and activist, the Texas native has no time to be bored. And not to spoil anything, she has been in perfect love with Jose Antonio Baston for more than 10 years.

Eva Longoria cash on her intimate preferences

Eva Longoria spoke about her private sphere frankly in 2005 during an interview with the magazine Cosmopolitan. Then in a relationship with Tony Parker, the eternal interpreter of Gabrielle Solis in “Desperate Housewives” notably delivered some of her favorite choices to spice up the act. And obviously, she already knew what she wanted:

I’m not against being tied up with silk scarves. I like men who take charge. There is something really, really exciting about being dominated.

Unfiltered confessions, very “American-style”, which did not stop there. Indeed, the actress also wanted to reveal another part of her experiences, which everyone is usually used to keeping to themselves:

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I didn’t have my first orgasm until I was 26. (…) Before, I said to myself: “I think I had one. But when it finally happened to me, I was like, “What’s going on?” Oh my God “.

If we can wonder why Eva Longoria was so talkative about her private subjects, the important thing is obviously her newfound happiness with Jose Antonio Baston. In 2014, she declared:

I am very happy. He dresses very well! I always have to be at the level now. It’s exhausting ! (laughs) You know, what generally attracts me in a man are humor and intelligence (…) Obviously these are also his qualities! I am very lucky in my life.

Visibly fulfilled today in all aspects of her private life, after not always being so when younger, Eva Longoria is enjoying life to the fullest. Feeling good in her head and in her body, and still popular both with her fans and in the Hollywood world, the actress can calmly approach her looming fifty. Who said getting old was a problem?

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