Eva Jinek felt powerless after statements Today Inside

Johan claimed in his talk show that after her last episode of Jinek of the season, had a party in the studio and is said to have said ‘she Today Inside would have gotten off the tube nicely anyway’. “Those kinds of cries. Then I think: yes, then you are a scary person if you do such a thing?”, Johan responded.

Friday night Eva does her side of the story BEAU and says he was shocked by the statements. “It was about something that wasn’t true, that’s perhaps the worst thing about it. That I was said to have danced on the grave of VI… that I celebrated that, that is not true at all. If you get hit on the things you say on TV, that’s part of our job and I know that – and I support that. But this wasn’t true at all and I was completely put off in that broadcast. That has kept me busy for the past 24 hours.”

Eva continues her story and indicates that she has already spoken to both Johan and Wilfred. The person who helped the gossip into the world has also since apologized. “They both responded very nicely (…) Again: if you get caught for something you have done, fine. But if someone makes up something about you and you are publicly judged and you stand by helplessly when it is not true … I didn’t like it either I don’t like that VI disappeared from the tube. I didn’t celebrate there, I didn’t say it.”

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