Eva Burešová works one hundred percent: She was stopped by a health problem

The dark-haired beauty Eva Burešová is currently one of the busiest actresses in Czech show business. As she admits, she is a workaholic, so she is satisfied with the excess of job offers. However, this is also related to stress, which can have a great impact on health. Last year, for example, the actress’ body talked about relaxation with a serious problem…

Actress Eva Burešová is currently shining on TV screens in the series Slunečná and Sestřičky Modrý kód. But he also appears in the jury of the popular show Your Face Has a Famous Voice. And if it weren’t for coronavirus, it would have moved on the stage. There is simply a lot of it. Eva Burešová is in one round. However, her body lacks rest, which is why she often talks about it in a very special way.

Smallpox and blindness

In the last few years, the representative of Týna from the Slunečná series has gone through several health complications. For a while according to the web diastyl.cz she went blind in one eye, broke her leg, had smallpox, and had kidney colic. “I’m a man who works one hundred percent and just won’t stop unless he is forced to do so. Usually, such diseases appear. It came suddenly on vacation. I lay in the hospital for two weeks, the stone was pulled out and everything turned out well. But I hope I will never experience it again, “she revealed in an interview what she” enjoyed “with kidney colic.

Because her family had diabetes, she was examined as a child. Fortunately, that was fine. Dad still watches her. “Until now, my dad measures my sugar when I’m visiting,” she said.

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They learn to breathe and think

The actress herself is very well aware that stress does not benefit her body in any way. ‘I have no control over it. I’m a workaholic and I like to be covered in work. Stress is part of it, but of course I know it’s not good. Fortunately, I now have people around me who teach me to slow down, breathe and think more about important things, whether life or work, ”she added, referring to her partner Přemek Forejt, who literally shines with happiness.

At first the couple hid their relationship, but then they fell divine. Přemek now happily shares their photos together on social networks and it is clear that they are both very satisfied. So perhaps Přemek will teach his love how to slow down his work pace so that he will no longer encounter health problems.

Remind Eva Burešová in the show Česko Slovensko má talent:

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