Eva Burešová in tears over Týn: Will Slunečná bring a happy ending to her relationship with Janek?

In the Slunečná series, Eva Burešová and Marek Lambora form a couple who can’t and don’t wait for their happy ending. After walking around with feigned disinterest, avoiding a direct glance, and exchanging a few words at the meeting, they finally left the door open for their love. And when Týna and Janek were planning a future together, a hard blow came. And not only for them, but mainly for the audience.

The last pre-holiday part of the Slunečná series left the audience in shock. Many hoped for the longed-for happy ending of Janka and Týna’s complicated relationship, but in the end they remained with their chins fallen. Janek, played by Marek Lambor, married a new character at the last moment – the mysterious Eva. The wedding was just an eye-catcher, as Eva is Janka’s bodyguard, who is currently concerned. However, the young entrepreneur must keep everything as secret as possible, so he could not share an unexpected decision with Týna, who, looking at her lover and his new “love”, was left with only eyes to cry.

Viewers can’t wait to continue

At present, it is not clear how the story of the series will unfold after the holidays. But Eva Burešová believes that every fairy tale has its happy ending. But will this also be the case in Sunny? “Such a drama. That part could also be after the holidays. Now we will look forward to seeing how it all turns out, “she said only with a fan on the social network. “Poor Týny, I’m sorry,” said another Tyna user, who was very derailed from the whole situation. There were also reactions that did not fully support the screenwriters’ decisions. “Ridiculous. This didn’t work out very well, “added one of the fans.

And the break-up of Janek and Týn did not leave actress Eva Burešová cold either. “The worst was the scene where Janek comes to Týn’s room. She has a pregnancy test behind her and she wants to tell him that they are expecting a baby… He will break up with her, it was difficult. It was all shot on one flap. It was one ride. The tears running down my face are real, and Marek didn’t feel good about it either. It was kind of tight for us, ”Burešová confided after the filming.

Stretched patchwork?

Although many fans of the series cannot wait to see how the love story of Týn and Janka will unfold, there are those who swear that they will never let Sunny down after the current turnaround. “It simply came to our notice then. It was a great series, but now it’s a soap opera. I used to buy parts in advance, as I was curious and I really enjoyed it, but now I don’t look at all anymore, “wrote one of the angry viewers on the social network.

“We’re not looking anymore, we used to look forward to it, but now it’s bullshit. They destroyed a promising series that was great at the beginning because it was different from all the other broadcasts. Now this one can join in, ”another complains.

Slunečná has long been one of the most watched series in the Czech Republic. The extent to which the viewers mentioned the “stretching of events” will influence its supporters in the future will be revealed after the holidays.

The break between Janka and Týny cannot be breathed by the spectators



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