Eva Burešová celebrates her birthday! Přemek Forejt prepared a touching surprise for her

Eva Burešová celebrated her 28th birthday in a truly unconventional way. Hvězdná Slunečné did not originally plan to celebrate, she was even more surprised by her partner Přemek Forejt, who arrived in Brno to wish his loved ones and the whole family!

Eva Burešová experienced great disappointment in love in the past, when her relationship with her son’s father, Michael Krásný, fell apart. The star Slunečné, however, during the filming of the show Your Face Has a Famous Voice, met chef Přemek Forejt and a spark immediately jumped between them.

The couple hid their relationship for the first month, but now they regularly share photos on Instagram and fans love them! Recently, however, there has been speculation as to whether the star pair happened to break up. The reason was to be the distance between the partners. Because of her work, Burešová is in Prague and Forejt is in her restaurant in Olomouc.

But the break-up was recently refuted by a beautiful actress. “NO LEAVING, NO FAREWELL. We are here, we are together and we are happy. We are not expecting a baby, we are not married and we are perfectly fine with the fact that work has started again, so we have to be in a different city for those few days apart. , we are adults and we are not the only ones in the world who have work to do. In the age of the Internet and phones, everything can be done. And simply because you love. Which we do. So thank you very much for the news. But they are not needed. We are still driving perfectly living together, “she clarified on social networks.

The break-up does not take place, Forejt and Burešová flow like two doves

Not even several hundred kilometers of barrier disrupted the relationship between Eva Burešová and Přemek Forejt. On the contrary, the partners enjoy all the free moments they can spend together all the more.

Eva Burešová, like her boyfriend, is very busy, so Forejt had to come up with a completely unexpected surprise for her birthday, he went to Brno to see her.

The star chef took his whole family to the performance Winter Fairy Tale, in which Burešová plays the main role and she really took her breath away with an unexpected visit!

Eva Burešová did not hide her emotions

Přemek Forejt placed a joint photo with Eva Burešová on his Instagram and added a wish to it. “Happy Birthday, beautiful!” (in translation all the best, beauty editor’s note)

A moment later, the same film was shared by an actress who did not hide her joy from an unexpected surprise. “My loved ones! I have no words. So many surprises awaited me yesterday that I was not ready for it at all. I have my head tanned set up that no one really likes me so much and that if they do, I don’t really deserve it. And so many wonderful people convince me of the opposite yesterday and today.My heart pounded when the whole beautiful family of Forejtovice came to our performance of the winter fairy tale.Thank you ALL to those who came to our performance and did not forget my birthday and again added gifts for Nathanka. I love you, I am happy and I feel…. Beloved. So you have fulfilled your task. Now it is up to me to fulfill yours again, “the star Sunny wrote a touching thank you.

We also wish Evička a beautiful birthday and good luck in her love and career in the future.

Eva Burešová celebrated her 28th birthday.



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