EVA Air dismisses “Captain”, the source of COVID, sets a record for Taiwan – first sick in 253 days!

EVA Air dismisses “Captain”, the source of COVID, sets a record for Taiwan – first sick in 253 days!

EVA Air dismisses “Captain”BBC Report on 24 Dec. EVA Air Taiwanese airlines release announcement pilot New Zealand Who caused the spread of the infection COVID-19 And as a result, the statistics of no internal patients in Taiwan ended at 253 days, while the cumulative number of infections increased to 777 and at least 7 deaths.

The report said the pilot was expected to have been infected since early December. But showing no symptoms Which according to Taiwan’s disease control measures Pilots and flight crew are required to detain for 3 days after returning from a foreign flight.

But the pilot violated the rules and continued to fly. Even had a cough while flying from the United States to Taiwan on Dec. 12, and later came to be tested, which turned out to be positive on Dec. 20, and just two days Taiwan found a patient who It was the first infection in more than eight months, and officials quickly examined it and found it was from a New Zealand pilot.

The Taiwanese authorities imposed a fine of NT $ 300,000, or about 320,000 baht, for failing to report a risky move to authorities.

EVA Air stated the reason for the dismissal that the pilot neglected to wear a mask in the cockpit. And in addition to infecting women found to be infected It is believed that the same pilot also spread the infection to two colleagues, one from Japan and one from Taiwan.

File Photo: A New Zealand pilot blamed for causing Taiwan’s first domestic coronavirus transmission in months, has been fired by the island’s Eva Air. On Tuesday, a contact of the pilot tested positive, ending Taiwan’s 253-day streak without a local case. Photo Credit: EVA Air

The pilot is thought to have contracted the coronavirus earlier in December but remained asymptomatic.
Pilots returning to the island after a flight are meant to remain in quarantine for three days but are not tested unless they show symptoms. Unaware that he carried the virus, he continued to fly and was reportedly coughing on a flight to Taiwan from the US. He tested positive on 20 December. REUTERS

Make Taiwan a record-breaking first sick person in 253 days!

File Photo: Authorities fined the man 300,000 Taiwanese dollars. Eva Air said the pilot was fired for violating operational principles, including his failure to wear a mask in the cockpit. REUTERS

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