Eurostat: Latvia in August among 13 EU countries with annual deflation :: Dienas Bizness

In August, consumer prices in Latvia decreased by 0.5% compared to the corresponding period last year, being among the 13 European Union (EU) member states where annual deflation was registered in this period, according to Eurostat data published on Thursday.

Annual deflation is still recorded in Cyprus (-2.9%), Greece (-2.3%), Estonia (-1.3%), Ireland (-1.1%), Belgium (-0.9%), Slovenia (-0.7%), Spain (-0.6%), Italy (-0.5%), Croatia (-0.4%), Luxembourg and Portugal (both -0.2%) and In Germany (-0.1%).

Meanwhile, annual inflation in August was recorded in France (0.2%), the Netherlands and Finland (both 0.3%), Denmark (0.4%), Bulgaria (0.6%), Malta (0.7%), Sweden (1%), Lithuania (1.2%), Austria and Slovakia (1.4% in both countries), Romania (2.5%), the Czech Republic (3.5%), Poland (3.7%) and Hungary (4%).

The EU average annual inflation was 0.4% in August, while the euro area recorded annual deflation of 0.2%.

Compared to the previous month – July – consumer prices in August decreased by 0.4% in both the EU and the euro area.

Compared to July, consumer prices in Latvia decreased by 0.4% in August, in Lithuania they decreased by 0.2% month-on-month, and in Estonia they increased by 0.6%. The highest monthly deflation was in Belgium (-1.5%), while the highest monthly inflation was recorded in Luxembourg (0.9%).

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