Europol union: Lucian Bode caught at UNTOLD without a mask. “What should the cops tell the people they fine for not wearing a mask?”

“The Minister of Interior, the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Transport” wanna be “, Lucian Bode, the only 3 in 1 minister, was caught at UNTOLD without a protective mask. Sure, for the official picture, he used it, but later he took it off. This is because the Law in Romania is divided between “jmecheri” and “suckers”. Among those who allow festivals to be organized with tens of thousands of people who actually take each other in their arms in the crowds and schools where parents are not allowed to visit on the first day of school for their children “, show the representatives of the Europol Union.

They wonder what the police should say to the people they fine for not wearing a face mask.

“After this image of Minister Bode without a mask went viral, we wonder what answer a street policeman should give to the citizen who will be fined for not wearing a face mask and will ask him if Bode was fined at UNTOLD for the same deed “, adds Europol.

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