Europe’s disposal of old weapons through the Ukraine Holocaust

Since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, a number of European countries have provided Ukraine with different types of weapons, but a large part of them are old weapons, which some believe that those countries want to get rid of their old military arsenal in Ukraine in order to replace them with newer weapons.


Sweden has announced a deal to sell its Archer self-propelled artillery system to Britain, allowing London to donate the older IS-90 artillery system to Ukraine.


Poland announced that it will transfer to Ukraine four Soviet-designed MiG-29 fighter jets in the coming days.

On the other hand, it has been calling since the beginning of the crisis on NATO countries to help it renew its arsenal with modern weapons.


In April of last year, Slovakia sent a Soviet-made S-300 system to Ukraine, after which US President Joe Biden announced that his country would provide the Patriot system to Slovakia.

Not only Slovakia and Poland, but also a number of Eastern European countries that supplied Ukraine with old weapons, mostly Soviet-made, in exchange for modern Western weapons.

Some experts believe that Western countries, led by the United States, will avoid the high costs of dismantling old weapons, and it is better for them to send them to Ukraine.

Many liken this situation to Ukraine turning into a holocaust for the weapons of Western countries and their old military equipment.

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