European Men’s Basketball Championship: France beats Poland, Germany beats Spain

European Men’s Basketball Championship: France beats Poland, Germany beats Spain

2022-09-18 10:58:23Source: Xinhuanet

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The match between the French team and the Polish team showed a one-sided situation: in the first quarter Yabusele gave a good start for the French team by pulling from outside. The Polish team did not touch the attacking end, relying on Slaughter’s triple to keep living, and the team only scored 9 points. In the second quarter, Gobert’s defensive end limited the opponent’s attack and sent assists several times. The Polish team was at a loss and only scored 9 points in a single quarter. In the third quarter the attack of the Polish team improved, but the French team played even better and the score gap widened to almost 30 points. There is no suspense in the final match, the French team sent a full line-up on the bench and advanced to the final with a stunning victory.

The Polish team has shot only 32% this season and bounced 19 fewer than the opponent. Lead player Ponitka made 3 out of 10 shots and scored only 7 points. The French team scored 15 of 26 three-pointers and Yabusele scored 22 points.

In the match of the Spanish team against the host German team, the first quarter had the upper hand: in the last 4 minutes of the second quarter, the German team suddenly collapsed.

In the third quarter, the German side relied on a 14-0 attack wave to establish a 10-point lead under the unfavorable start. From the end of the third quarter to the start of the fourth quarter, the Spanish team responded to a 27: 9 attack and staged a Jedi reversal. The German team scored three points at the last moment but it was too late, in the end the Spanish team went through to the final, Lorenzo Brown scored 29 points and 6 assists in the lineup.

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On the 18th, Spain and France competed for the championship, and Germany and Poland competed for third place.

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