European Football Championship: A revelation called Holeš. He used to drill holes in Slavia, now he’s a hero. For the second time

In his youth, he kicked off a few games for twenty-one, but it was never a comet. At the age of twenty-four, Tomáš Holeš played in the second league, but since then he has been slowly, unobtrusively, certainly moving forward. Step by step, to the top.

Let’s go back only four years, when Tomáš Holeš left Hradec Králové for a guest appearance with an option in Jablonec. “I already needed a new impulse and move up a level. And Jablonec certainly is. Everyone welcomed me great, they were nice to me and they paid attention to me,” he rejoiced in the interview for the club website.

And now? He is now the hero of the Czech national team, but also of Slavia, who scored a great result on the Arsenal field. It all happened in just four years.

Modesty and patience are the words that best describe Holeš’s progress. He did not shine like an asterisk in his youth, he was an ordinary boy from a block of flats who started playing football in little Jimramov, continued in Polička and moved to Hradec Králové at the age of fifteen. Followed by Jablonec, then Slavia…

He builds his career as a house of cards. Shamefully, slowly, nice floor to floor. His hand shook perhaps only once, in Slavia, where he did not cut long behind the exclusive regions of Bořil and Coufal. It already looked like it would be another reinforcement that would fly Slavia back to average.

“It was a difficult time for me. I came from Jablonec, I was quite laufu and I scored goals. I came to Slavia and I didn’t play as many times as I wasn’t even nominated. And when I played, the performances weren’t like that,” he remembered.

But he persevered and was ready for any role. Whether it was on the edge of the backup, in the middle of the field, or on a stopper. He changed five positions in Slavia, but his coaches found his right place in the middle of the reserve.

“I bow to Tomáš. I know him personally, I know what his exemplary character is. Football and human. He came to Slavia as a typical extreme back, he was made a universal player by coach Trpišovský. , in London he also showed that he dares to follow a stopwatch, “Milan Fukal praised Holeš in his regular commentary for Aktuálně.cz.

And a similar story unfolds on the national line. He started again as a standoff. Holeš did not play for the national team for the first time until last September, when he was a member of a hastily composed selection, which replaced the original team in the League of Nations match against Scotland. He had to be quarantined due to coronavirus for preventive reasons.

Gradually, he won a place in the base. “It’s a jump for me. I went to the Euro and accepted any role the coach would give me. I didn’t expect to play matches in the starting line-up, but of course I was preparing to be ready for any part. match, “he said classically in his style.

The question is where else can he move. Last year in Slavia they solved a big problem of how to replace the irreplaceable Souček. The Slavic coaches succeeded so well that after the European Championships they may solve a big problem how to replace Tomáš Holeš.



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