European Commission wants to stimulate chip production in Europe with Chips Act – IT Pro – News

How much tax do you want to levy? 100%? 1000%? 10000%?
That is fine to count on wages, monthly salary there, monthly salary here, et voila.

But what about raw materials? How do you determine the price that would be fair with ‘us’? Ok fine, let’s just do the ASML purchase price and we’ll continue that, hoppa, regularly. Okay, fab itself. Again, the technicians, maintenance, mechanics, transport, housing, energy costs, well, fine, again some local information versus China, we do that. Congratulations, you’ve just made electronics virtually unaffordable.

Hypocritical bullshit it is, screaming loudly when it comes to chips, but what word about food, clothing, raw materials, gas, electricity, oh wait… manpower? Half of the construction consists of outside personnel (although BN even says up to 70%), 90% of our clothing does not even come from Europe. We are not a continent of raw materials, we are not a continent of exotic food, we do not have raw materials as an alternative.

Ok fine fine, we are going 100% all in with Africa! Good plan right? Mwah.. 40 years ago that was not so smart, 80 years ago certainly not, and in 20 years we will have a ‘new’ China, we will start again.

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