Europe: the comeback

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Financial, migratory, energy crises, Brexit, rise of populism, pandemic and now war in Ukraine… Confronted for several years with permanent instability, the European Union is nevertheless resisting much better than one might have thought. This is explained by the formidable article published in the British left-wing magazine Prospect which we have chosen to translate as the opening of this special issue and which sums up its spirit well. Europe is not dead, on the contrary, it is coming back in force.

A year after the departure of the United Kingdom, in the midst of a climate emergency and after two years of Covid-19, we decided, at the end of 2021, to take stock of these repeated crises. Would the European Union come out of this weakened? Or on the contrary refreshed? On February 24, 2022, the war in Ukraine came to shake everything up. But far from collapsing, the EU responded. “Somehow, écrit Prospect, Putin reminds us that European integration still has to do with war and peace: it is a deeply political, even civilizational project, and economic integration is only a means to achieve it.”

Admittedly, the EU institutions to which we return at length in this special issue can still be improved. But what says very well Prospect, is that European history was built on a series of compromises, on the art of deciding together, of “settle differences at the negotiating table rather than on the battlefield”.

It is this whole process that we decipher in this issue based on analyzes and reports from the foreign press. From the shock of war to Emmanuel Macron’s France as the new champion of the EU, 76 pages to better understand the solidity of European construction. And its importance.

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