Europe is Terrifying, Massive Demos in the Netherlands to Italy

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Europe was attacked by massive demonstrations. A number of countries had to deal with protesters, from the Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Austria, to Italy.

Residents’ anger peaked due to the restrictions taken by the government amid the continued record number of Covid-19 cases. Europe is now the epicenter of Covid-19.

In Belgium, for example, tens of thousands of people marched in Brussels against the anti-Covid-19 measures. Some threw fireworks at the officers who responded with tear gas and water cannons.

The government itself has begun to implement the Covid-19 card for citizens to enter public places. This is the government’s way of pressuring anti-vaccine citizens to want to be inoculated.

The same thing happened in the Netherlands. Even vandalism is still happening in a number of cities against the lockdown (lockdown) Partial.

At least 64 people were arrested. The demonstration itself took place on Friday last week where demonstrators attacked the officers with stones and burned a number of facilities and goods.

Recently, protests also took place in the Austrian capital of Vienna, after lockdown latest is fully implemented. The government also requires injections of the Covid-19 vaccine in February 2022.

Demonstrators carried flags and banners reading “Freedom”. They also chanted “Resistance” and jeered at the police.

Austria lockdown nationwide for 20 days starting yesterday. All residents are asked to work from home. In addition, residents’ business activities were closed except for essential shops.

In Korasia thousands of citizens also marched in Zagreb showing anger at the mandatory vaccination of public sector workers. Meanwhile in Italy some residents demonstrated at Rome’s Circus Maximus against the ‘vaccine passport’ to work and take public transport.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said it was very worried about this increase in cases. Europe will note this in the spring.

Covid-19 is once again the number one cause of death in our region,” he said.

“We know what needs to be done to fight the virus – vaccinations, wearing masks – and we can use them to get through Covid-19.”

Quoting Johns Hopkins University as of November 18, a number of countries with the highest increase in Covid-19 cases. A number of countries were even attacked by the 4th and 5th waves of Covid-19.

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