Europa League: Hammarby – Lech. “Black night has come over Stockholm”

“After thirteen years of absence in European cups, a light of hope shone, but Hammarby did not take his chance and lost as much as 0: 3” – commented the daily “Aftonbladet”.

The newspaper estimated that in the first half the match was fairly even, and even the hosts were better, but after the break Lech’s players increased the pace and showed ambition, and they mercilessly used the defensive error and scored the first goal, which radically changed the situation on the pitch in favor of the guests “After Hammarby you could clearly see the lack of international routine, and it was a heartache to watch them.”

Expressen estimated that a few horrible minutes in the second half were decisive for the result. First, Kalle Bjoerklund made a mistake, after which the visitors scored a goal, and shortly after team captain Jeppe Andersen was given a red card. “In the end, Lech’s players killed us with two more goals.”

According to SVT, “Hammarby suffered a painful fall and an unpleasant, though not unexpected, exit from the game in Europe. After losing Andersen, the task turned out to be too difficult, and the mountain too steep to defeat it with ten players. The hosts had no chance anymore. and it was sad to see them losing without any strength, while the visitors continued and successfully attacked the goal. “

“The Polish club of our Mikael Ishak continues to participate in the hunt, the aim of which is the group stage of LE” – commented the TT agency.

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