The Europa League is back, Inter are back, and tomorrow night they will face the German team for the quarter-finals Bayer Leverkusen who in the second round eliminated the Glasgow Rangers. The Inter coach, Antonio Conte, will answer the questions of the reporters present in the press room, will report the direct text with the words of the coach.

These are the words of the Inter coach accompanied by Samir Handanovic at the conference: “What changes between Getafe and Bayer? Each team has its own characteristics, Getafe was a team of character, combative, we had to be good at using the same weapons as them and we were good at it, responding blow for blow, tomorrow we will face a team with great talent, we will not have to restart but at the same time we will have to make our game exploit our characteristics, to do in the possession phase what we know “

LUKAKU – “Satisfaction? I think that if the team does well Romelu, Lautaro, Sanchez, Esposito, they have always done well. The skill of the individual depends on the support, he has lived a great season, thanks to the team that supported him, as Lautaro is experiencing a great season who is often at the center of market rumors, the compliments go to them and to the team that allows them to do this. Romelu settled well in a group of good guys, a beautiful alchemy was created between them “

UNTIL THE END – “We have to be positive, we work hard to achieve the goal which must be maximum. From here to get to the end we will have to prove it on the pitch. We will not have to have recriminations, we will have to give everything and if it is enough to get to the semi-finals, or the final or to raise the cup, we will all be happy, or we will stop where it is right to stop but without having recrimination “

PIRLO“I’m certainly very happy for Andrea, in addition to what he gave me at a football level we are talking about an exceptional person, what I think that if there are players who I previously coached and now coach it means that I’m getting old”

Handanovic: “What did I like about the match against Getafe? We didn’t concede, a good starting point, we were compact, they pressed at the beginning and we held up well. Defensive balance, what has changed? It changes that every match where you do not concede a goal increase self-esteem and confidence, we have found the structure has changed the compactness, when you concede a goal for a long time there must also be the moment that supports you, in football these things count “

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