Euroleague: Real Madrid beat Partizan with a festival of goals | euroleague 2022

Real Madrid 105 Partizan 97


The Whites bring out all their offensive arsenal to neutralize an excellent first quarter by Obradovic’s team. Llull and Tavares, the most important

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Real Madrid emerged victorious from penalties with Partizan (105-97). The Whites put up the best offensive performance on the course, and every run was needed to break the team’s Zeljko Obradovic, as permeable in attack as permeable in defense. So little Obradovic. Sergio Llull, with 20 points, Tavares with 17, and Deck and Hezonja with 15 apiece, they led a performance that deserved their fifth consecutive and complete win of November in the Euroleague.

A first room with open doors made it clear what the tunic would be for the rest of the night. Each team was very clear about how to hurt the other, but not so much about covering up their flaws. Partizan did not find an antidote for Edy Tavares in the area, and Real Madrid supercharged the Cape Verdean giant over there. On the contrary, the whites did not know how to cover the external flow of Serbs, second best triple in the Euroleague. Eight marked Partizan in the first act, 40 points in just 10 minutes.

A slap like that woke Real Madrid, who went into the second quarter with a different attitude and stopped the bleeding. In the stroke that changed the game of hands, Obradovic’s team scored just two points in six minutes, 18 for the Bianconeriled in attack by Hezonja (10 at that time), and tied by Poirier, abbot of Ndiaye. The type of demarcation that in other times anesthetized the match, and which now, with Madrid still in their mature age, is enough to buy a few minutes of calm.


to the team of Chus Mateo He still lacks the ground to support those efforts, though he has begun to chain them more frequently in recent weeks. And although he does not finish imposing himself on defense, he is learning to unleash that sensational offensive arsenal. With Llull unleashed (20 points in the first 18 minutes)Revenge by the last two bad games, by the awakening of Musa or by the constant dribbling of Deck, Real Madrid was finding a way to respond to the Serbian reaction.

Partizan, who had just lost in Barcelona on Tuesday, pressed until the end in the sun by Leda (20) and the former azulgrana Exumbut while he didn’t let Real Madrid take their foot off the accelerator until the last minute, he failed to turn the game around. And Real Madrid, which started November with so many doubts, ends up looking up.

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