Eurojackpot, Eurojackpot Millionaire | Eurojackpot millionaire: – Can’t wait to surprise my wife

The last Eurojackpot draw in July has been completed. This is how it went.

Again, it was time for hopeful players to take up the hunt for the European treasure. Time and time again, the pot has made breathing space grow further. The first prize pool in the Eurojackpot this Friday was around 631 million kroner. Over a million won a prize this time.

Unfortunately, none of the lucky ones took it out completely. Also tonight the pot is untouched, but it is not standing still. Next week, the prize pool is approximately NOK 805 million.

Number of the week:

Key figures: 3 – 19 – 43 – 28 – 49

star squad: 3 – 2

National winner: – Do not dare to look at the heart rate monitor

In addition to being able to win on the numbers above, we Norwegians who participate in the Eurojackpot can try our hand at a national prize via a random draw. This means that you can totally miss your number range and win. The prize is one million kroner and a travel gift card worth 100,000 kroner.

This week’s national winner is a man from Nærøysund in Trøndelag.

– Deaf, well it’s pulse, yes! I sat and enjoyed myself with saltines and a beer in the boys’ room and sensed peace and no danger, says the recent Eurojackpot millionaire from Nærøysund and smiles well.

– Now I feel that I was sweating. So seriously, I do not dare to look at the heart rate monitor. I’m shaking, you know. I have probably blown the scale, says the cheerful Trøndelag man who has the course ready.

– There will be enough repayment of loans and a little fun. I will be debt free and we can travel a bit. Now I look forward to surprising my wife, says the happy man.

To store premier

In the next draw, two big prizes await. The main prize pool is around NOK 805 million, and the second prize is estimated at around NOK 37 million. This means that even if you miss a bit, you can win up to about double the amount of a regular Lotto pot. You just have to remember to play before Friday at 7 p.m.

Play Eurojackpot here, good luck!

(The probability of winning is approximately 1:95 million per row for the first prize in the Eurojackpot. For the second prize, the probability of winning is 1: 6 million per row, while the national prize (NOK 1 million) is approximately 1: 1,250,000 per row.)

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