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The evolution of the euro / leu pair was calm on Tuesday as well. However, there is a slight depreciation trend for the leu, after reaching the record of 4.9251 units / euro at the end of March.

The local market opened at 4,912 – 4,913 lei, after which the quotations entered an ascending slope. After the announcement of the average on Tuesday, which increased from 4.9161 to 4.9170 lei, the euro rose to the value of 4.923 lei, without being able to signal any “entries” of the NBR.

Investors took advantage of the mini-holiday on the occasion of the celebration of Easter by Catholics. After approaching $ 1.17, the minimum of the last five months, profit markings appeared, and the euro rose to $ 1.1796 – $ 1.1822 on Tuesday, thus ignoring the precarious economic situation in Europe and the positive data coming from the United States. However, it should be noted that the US currency appreciated by more than 3.5% compared to the beginning of the year compared to the beginning of the year.

In the local market, the exchange rate of the US dollar decreased from 4.1871 to 4.1629 lei.

The average of the Swiss currency, which fluctuated in the corridor 1,105 – 1,109 francs / euro, decreased from 4.4393 to 4.4347 lei.

The exchange rate of the pound decreased to the minimum of the last week of 5.7576 lei, after the consistent increase on Monday to 5.8011 lei.

The ounce fluctuated on the specialized markets at values ​​close to those of Monday, 1,729 – 1,738 dollars, but the depreciation of the exchange rate of the American currency caused the price of a gram of gold to fall from 232.3158 to 231.6833 lei.

The 3-month ROBOR index, according to which the interest rates on most loans in lei are calculated, stagnated on Tuesday at 1.66%. In contrast, the six-month index, used to calculate mortgage rates, fell from 1.72 to 1.71% and the 12-month index from 1.76 to 1.75%.

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Markets in the region also reopened on Tuesday. The average of the Polish currency depreciated from 4.5933 to 4.6041 zlotys / euro and of the Hungarian one appreciated from 361.93 to 361.4 forints / euro.

Bitcoin failed to exceed $ 60,000 on Tuesday and fluctuated on the WorldCoinIndex integration platform in the $ 58,300 – $ 59,500 aisle.

Data and information available until 14:00 are used.

Radu Georgescu

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