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At the end of the five qualifying days, Hélène Noesmoen was second, behind the Briton Emma Wilson, who scored six victories, during the twenty qualifying heats, but above all a very good consistency with five other podiums and three places in the Top 5. It was therefore not surprising to think that the windsurfer from the United Kingdom, bronze medalist last year at the Tokyo Games in RS: X, the former Olympic support, could be the successor of the Frenchwoman.

Fourth major title for Hélène Noesmoen

Double European champion in title (2020 and 2021) and world champion 2021, Hélène Noesmoen had not crossed the qualifying heats with the same success as Emma Wilson, even if with four victories and seven podiums, the Sablaise was very competitive. On the other hand, unlike the Englishwoman, the Frenchwoman was not as regular in the Top 5 and the Top 10.

Before the “Medal Race”, bringing together the Top 10 of each category, Hélène Noesmoen (77 pts) was 33 points behind, facing Emma Wilson (44 pts). But once again, the Sablaise showed that anything was possible in a single race. Being ready on D-Day, she had already shown it three times in the past two years. She confirmed it in 2022. At 29, this is therefore her third title of European champion.

Nicolas Goyard keeps his European crown

Nicolas Goyard won his second European Championship title in Italy. © DR Moan Photo

After qualifying, Nicolas Goyard was in an even more delicate position than his comrade from the France team. The 2021 European and World champion was preceded by the Dutchman Luuc Van Opzeeland (26 pts) and the Italian Nicolò Renna (52.7 pts). The Frenchman had 59 points. During the five days that preceded the “Medal Race”, Luuc Van Opzeeland had totaled eleven victories out of twenty races. The “Mister Plus 50%” seemed unplayable on the water…

Pierre Le Coq and Clément Bourgeois in the Top 10

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The Frenchman Nicolas Goyard could only “be proud” of six successes. But like Hélène Noesmoen, he pulled out the right glide, and even the “right board”, at the right time. In the end, he beat Nicolò Renna and Luuc Van Opzeeland in the final run. Three other French people are in the Top 10 of these European championships: Adrien Mestre (6th), Briochin Pierre Le Coq (9th) and Mayennais Clément Bourgeois (10th).

Rankings of the “Medal Race”

Gentlemen: 1. Nicolas Goyard (France), 2. Nicolò Renna (Italy), 3. Van Opzeeland (Pays-Bas)… The other French: 6. Mestre, 9. Le Coq, 10. Bourgeois, 16. Arnoux, 19. Le Bosq, 38. T. Goyard, 44. Pouliquen, 61. Pianazza, 64. Carfantan, 68. Pasquette, 70. Cousin, 75. Merceur, 76. Pignolet, 111. Alexis, 126. Chantrel, 144. Destombes… 154 classified.

Dames : 1. Helen Noesmoen (France), 2. Emma Wilson (Grande-Bretagne), 3. Maja Dziarnowska (Pologne) … The other French women: 13. Cousin, 16. Belbeoch, 19. Sorin, 27. Pianazza, 30. Couturier, 34. Mortefon, 37. Papazian, 73. Bouchet, 78. Lemeteyer… 95 classified.

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