EURO 2021 | We will win 1: 0, Souček will score! The Danish expert is clear about the quarterfinals


He worked in Denmark for three years, so it is no wonder that he closely monitors his representation.

“I saw all the matches in Denmark, nothing easy awaits us. On the other hand, from my point of view, it is an opponent that can be defeated. We have to deal with them in aggression, they will play on the edge of risk. The match will definitely hurt in terms of physical confrontation, but from a technical point of view we will have the upper hand and we need to be effective, “Filip Novák offers his view in an interview for the Sport Invest agency, which represents him.

It doesn’t make sense to play the quarterfinals in Azerbaijan, Michal Sadílek does not understand the long journey to Baku, FAČR

One of the symbols of the championship was the collapse of Christian Eriksen in the opening duel against Finland. The Danes then came together for example.

Danish coach Hjulmand ranks Schick among the most talented footballers in Europe

“I don’t think that an unpleasant event for them should be any extra motivation at this stage of the tournament. They simply want to win, Christian’s situation has rather kicked the whole nation. It would be worse if Denmark played at home in Copenhagen. It’s a lot to know when a team plays in front of its own fans. In addition, the Danes can be noisy and passionate, “he smiles.

There is genuine madness in Denmark, for example, all national jerseys have sold out.

Midtjylland operates on a data basis

“Now before the match, a few people called and wrote to me. I like heching, so I hope we can do it successfully. As for the fans, the atmosphere in Denmark has always been great, I remember it fondly. Unfortunately, Ted is played in Baku, so I’m curious how many Czech and Danish fans will find their way to the stadium, “says Novák.

The national football team has completed its last training session in Strahov and is heading to Baku

Danish football is going up, and clubs are also playing European cups regularly and successfully.

“I can’t evaluate the system of other clubs, but specifically Midtjylland uses a lot of data. The whole club is practically managed on the basis of data and their evaluation and is very successful. In addition, the owner of Midtjylland is also the owner of Brentford, England, which has now advanced to the Premier League. The chosen management model thus clearly works, “points out the Czech expert.

EURO 2021

The European Football Championship, which was originally scheduled to be played a year ago, it starts on June 11 and ends on July 11. EURO is hosted by eleven countries, the Czech national football team advanced from the group from third place and lost to the Netherlands in the round of 16. The championship finale is played at the legendary Wembley.

If coach Šilhavý called his opinion before the quarterfinal battle for the EURO, he would advise.

“I would tell him that Denmark is an honest and aggressively playing team that uses standard situations a lot and successfully. Ideally, Czechs should avoid fouls around the penalty area. And, of course, I would like to wish him a happy hand in choosing the basic set and the subsequent rotation, “Novák smirks.



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