Euro 2020 Champion Detikers: Italy or England?


Italy vs England clash in final Euro 2020. detikers prefer Gli Azzurri or The Three Lions?

At Wembley, London, Monday (12/7/2021) at 2.00 WIB, Italy vs English called. The duel has a guarantee it will run interestingly.

Italy and England are both yet to lose in Euro 2020. The Blues won in 6 matches, one on penalties. Meanwhile, the Tiga Lion team picked up 5 wins and 1 draw.

In terms of defense, Italy and England are both strong. Italy has only conceded 3 goals, while England have only conceded one goal.

Italy superior in terms of goal productivity. Roberto Mancini’s side have scored 12 goals, while Gareth Southgate’s side have scored two fewer.

England is in a state of great euphoria. The reason, Raheem Sterling cs qualified for the final of the major tournament again after 55 years.

The last time they advanced to the final, England recorded it at the 1966 World Cup. At that time, England won by beating West Germany.

Meanwhile, Italy has qualified for the final 3 times with a record of 1 winner and 2 runners-up.

detikers can determine the choice of the champion in the final of Euro 2020. Choose Italy or English below yes!

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