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The company Teletech Customer Value in Chartres recruits all year round talents with diverse and open profiles for telesales positions. Amélie Moreau and Fazia Gourad, two telemarketers in the same position, but whose career paths are different, testify.

Professions open to all

The company Teletech Customer Value is part of the Finare group which contains three branches of activity. Among these activities, telephone contact centers, present throughout France including Chartres. Locally, the activity is focused on outgoing calls. The sectors of activity of the principals are diversified: insurance, games, automobile, B to B, press, etc. The company employs nearly 80 people on the site.

Recruitment is almost constant and the company is looking for talent. Justine Marchadier, in charge of human resources, explains: “The telesales professions are open to everyone. You have to be dynamic, love challenges, have a sense of business and be persevering. Necessarily, you need a good elocution, but the state of mind will make the difference. And, contrary to popular belief, teamwork is important. Our site is on a human scale, relations are close and working conditions are pleasant. These are professions that are little or poorly known to the public. However, we are far from the unrewarding image that sometimes circulates. These are trades, with the difference that we work there on weekdays on fixed hours and with wages embellished with bonuses. »

Contact recruitment : [email protected] (Specify Chartres in the subject of the email) Justine Marchadier, human resources officer at

Amélie Moreau, teleconsultant, obtained a BTS in tourism sales and production. For 8 years, a travel agent in Charente, following a move to Chartres, wanted to discover another way of selling at Teletech Customer Value. Fouzia Gourad, also a teleconsultant, obtained a commercial and financial service license in 2004. She was successively a purchasing and logistics assistant and then a management controller. She started working as a teleconsultant in 2017 with a car campaign. Today, she is on a permanent contract with the company.

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Perseverance and mind

These two examples of employee careers within the company prove that these positions are open to various profiles, regardless of sectors or experience. Teleconsultant jobs require several skills such as having good contact with customers, being persistent, liking challenges, having active listening, adaptability, a sense of commercial rebound to deal with any objection, being smiling, dynamic and strength of proposal. Like all trades, the mind and the state of mind make the difference.
According to Amélie Moreau, “depending on the days and campaigns, I make between 75 and 100 calls per day. I have approximately 25 people in contact. The conversion rate into a contract is around 10%. At the moment I work for a company that manufactures franking machines. It’s B to B, that is to say business to business sales. »

And Fouzia Gourad adds: “At the moment, I spend approximately 3.5 hours of my time on the sale of agri-food products in B to B as well. I make between 35 to 45 calls and I sometimes close up to 15 sales. The conversion rate for these products is 15 to 18%. The rest of the day, I make appointments for automotive sales consultants. »
Contrary to preconceptions that can stick to the skin of telephone advisers, these are far from being isolated and solitary posts. Teamwork, mutual aid and cohesion are essential. Fouzia Gourad explains as follows: “If we compare our trades to those of traditional trade, we have the advantage of working from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. This allows me to reconcile professional and private life. »

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What do you like about your job?
Amélie Moreau, Teleconsultant at Télétech
It’s diversity. We work for diverse campaigns and sectors. We are free in our speeches. We are not robots, conversations are free with our customers. And then we have the satisfaction of positive feedbacks. »

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