EU plans to resume mission in Afghanistan, Taliban promise to take care of its security / Article

A spokesman for the Taliban’s Foreign Ministry also said that re-establishing the European Union’s presence would be a serious and positive step that the Taliban would only welcome.

It has been speculated in the past that the European External Action Service, which was closed before the fall of Kabul, could resume its work next month.

However, European Commission spokeswoman Nabila Masrali emphasizes that this does not mean recognizing the Taliban government.

“We are working to ensure a minimal presence on the ground. For security reasons, however, we cannot go into details. However, we have emphasized in the past that this does not indicate recognition of the Taliban government, “Masrali said.

“We want to give more support to the Afghan people who need our help. We need to be closer, and that inevitably means working with the Taliban. Whether it is guaranteeing safe movement for European citizens or for endangered Afghans. We must also help ensure continued access to humanitarian aid. “


US and international coalition forces in late August completed a nearly 20-year mission In Afghanistan. The American resignation was taken advantage of by the Islamic fundamentalist group “Taliban”, which took control of more and more areas of Afghanistan and in mid-August without a fight. also occupied the national capital Kabul. As a result, all of Afghanistan is back under Taliban control.

Although the Taliban promised that will not try to take revenge on opponents of the regime, the international community is concerned about the deteriorating human rights situation in Afghanistan and new restrictionsimposed on different groups in society, especially women.

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