EU Member States agree on reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy The news

Luxembourg, 21 October, LETA – DW. The foreign ministers of the European Union (EU) member states have agreed on the reforms of the common agricultural policy during the talks in Luxembourg, the officials announced on Wednesday.

An agreement was reached at the suggestion of the German Minister for Food and Agriculture, Julia Kleckner.

Under the common agricultural policy, billions of euros are allocated to Member States, and many farmers depend on EU funding.

The EU budget is the largest source of funding for the common agricultural policy.

“After a long and hard struggle, we have reached a turning point,” Kleckner said.

She welcomed the new agreement on environmental protection and stressed that people in the EU would still be able to afford to “put food on the table”.

Clekner said on Twitter that the agreement reached was a turning point for reforms in EU agriculture, putting “green architecture” at the core.

“For Germany, this means that a billion euros from our budget will be spent on environmental regulations / bio-measures, while maintaining a balance between income and food security,” the minister said.

European Union (EU) Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Vojcehowski also said on Twitter that an agreement had been reached and thanked the “German presidency for its efforts to take forward the work of previous presidencies and for presenting compromise proposals”.

Under the new proposal, Member States will have more freedom in determining how they will achieve their objectives of nature conservation, environmental protection and food quality.

Countries will have to send their plans to the European Commission (EC) for approval and come up with further “eco-measures” to take more proactive action to meet minimum environmental requirements. All farmers who comply with these rules will receive additional funding.

The new reform will enter into force in 2023 and will include a two-year “training period”.

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