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EU may force Apple to equip iPhone with USB Type-C

For more than a decade, representatives of the European Commission have expressed the view that it is necessary to introduce standardization of mobile gadget charger interfaces. It seems that soon the solution to this issue may budge. Some members of the European Parliament called on the European Commission, which states the need for regulatory measures that oblige all smartphone providers to adopt a single charging method.

European Commissioner for Energy Maros Sefcovic announced that the European Commission plans to consider a “legislative approach” to solving this problem. It is expected that a vote on this issue among members of the European Commission will be held at one of the following meetings. If European lawmakers succeed, then companies such as Apple will be forced to use the USB Type-C interface to charge iPhones sold in the EU, abandoning the familiar Lightning port.

Despite the fact that not all manufacturers have adopted a single charging method, the number of interfaces used in modern smartphones has decreased from a few dozen to three. We are talking about USB Type-C, micro-USB and Apple Lightning. The desire to standardize charger interfaces is explained not only by the desire to make life easier for ordinary users. The European Parliament believes that the support of different standards leads to the generation of “electronic garbage.”

The intention of European lawmakers to oblige smartphone manufacturers to adopt a single charging method has not yet been commented on by Apple representatives.

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