EU countries propose to store gas in Ukraine

The volume of the Ukrainian UGS network is the largest among European countries

Such an offer was made by Ukrtransgaz. The EU has already begun searching for suitable sites for long-term storage of volumes of insurance gas.

The reserve gas reserves of the EU countries can be stored in the Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities (UGS). Such a proposal was made by Ukrtransgaz as the Operator of gas storage facilities in Ukraine. This is reported on website companies.

The head of Ukrtransgaz, Serhiy Pereloma, within the framework of the Ukrainian Investment Gas Congress, said that a critical situation has developed in the European energy market this year. Therefore, the EU leadership returned to the issue of insurance reserves of blue fuel, which would minimize threats to the energy security of the EU countries in the event of a shortage of gas supplies or sharp fluctuations in prices, as has been the case in the past few months.

The European Commission has already begun to study this topic and is looking for potential sites for long-term storage of volumes of “insurance” gas.

“Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities are ready to take on the function of storing insurance reserves of gas in the EU countries. The largest volumes in Europe and sufficient volumes of free capacities of Ukrainian subways open up wide opportunities for long-term storage of such reserves,” said Serhiy Pereloma.

For this, the head of the company noted, it is necessary to include Ukrainian UGS facilities in the list of sites where such a safety stock can be stored, and to establish an infrastructure for the smooth transportation of gas between European countries, in particular, between Ukraine, Poland and Hungary.

“Such a partnership will be reliable and certainly mutually beneficial both for Ukraine and for the EU countries,” Pereloma stressed.

The total volume of the network of Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities reaches 31 billion cubic meters. m and is the largest among European countries.

But Russia has its own gas storage facilities filled 97%… In the Russian Federation, it is planned to enter 100% gas injection into storage facilities by November 1. The process continues despite the beginning of the heating season.

Meanwhile, the head of Naftogaz, Yuri Vitrenko, announced the company’s plans to almost double gas production in ten years – from 13 billion cubic meters to 24 billion cubic meters.

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