EU Commissioner passes Covid-19 test

European Union (EU) Commissioner Maria Gabriel said on Saturday that her Covid-19 test was positive.

This is the first time that Covid-19 virus infection has become known among senior officials in Brussels.

After it became known that someone in Gabriel’s team had a positive Covid-19 test, the commissioner for research and innovation announced on Monday that she would follow a self-isolation regime.

“After the first negative Covid-19 test on Monday, my second test is positive,” said Gabriela, who represents Bulgaria at the European Commission (EC).

Alongside Paris and Madrid, the Belgian capital, where the EC is based, is one of the European cities hardest hit by the Covid-19 outbreak.

EC President Urzula von der Leiena went into solitary confinement for a short time on Monday after close contact with an infected person, but her two tests have already been negative.


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