Ettenheim-Altdorf: September 25th: “Atze / Datze” play in the Rock Café in Ettenheim-Altdorf – online reservation is necessary for concert tickets

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Rock’n Roll always wins. It was only a matter of time before a solution was found for how to get music back on stage – and above all in front of the audience.

ATZE / DATZE has been rocking the stages since 2006. The band is dedicated to their great role models AC / DC. Just like the great idols from Australia, they play straightforward, straightforward and authentic. Atze / Datze’s program not only consists of pieces from the great Bon Scott era, but also includes songs that were written after 1980. In the current line-up: Chris Lee (guitars), Atze Gökdemir (guitars), Thomas Zeller (vocals), Carlos Rivera (bass), and Sven Lück (drums) the band has made several guest appearances in the Rock Cafe. So the fans know what to expect.

Due to the current Corons pandemic, the concert will take place according to strict rules. For example you are not allowed to dance and stand freely in the room. Online reservations are also required.

Reserved seats are only valid until 9 p.m. on the day of the concert and will then be released to other guests.

Atze / Datze: Sept 25, 2020, Rock Café Altdorf, 9 p.m.

(Press information: Sparkasse Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau, 17.09.2020)

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