ETM Engineering Technologie Marketing: Automotive supplier in trouble

Despite the preliminary insolvency: Business operations in Saalburg-Ebersdorf will be continued in full (Photo: ETM Engineering Technologie Marketing)

The production downtimes in the automotive industry stumbled another player: on October 13, 2021, preliminary insolvency proceedings were ordered for the assets of ETM Engineering Technologie Marketing GmbH (Saalburg-Ebersdorf). The district court of Gera appointed RA Rolf Rombach from the law firm Rombach Rechtsanwälte (Erfurt) as preliminary insolvency administrator. According to his statement, business operations will continue in full.

“Due to a very strong drop in requests from customers in the last few months, ETM got into financial difficulties,” explained Rombach. This has slowed down the company’s previous restructuring process, added Managing Director Ingo Wirth. The restructuring process is now to be continued under insolvency protection. In the previous weeks, other suppliers had to file for bankruptcy.



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