Etienne | Dark future for the Disorder club in Saint-Étienne

It’s the heavy heart that the leaders of the Disorder club have resolved to call for help on social media. Without cash in advance, and with management at the heart of their establishment, they quickly understood that confinement could be fatal to them. “When we were forced to close, we knew it would be complicated if it was to last one month, and impossible, if it was to last two months,” explains Julien Haro, co-manager of the club. We spent long weeks in the fog, hanging from government announcements and aid that we might or might not receive. “

Almost two months later, after endless files and paperwork, the report is bitter. Apart from the 1,500-euro national fund for helping entrepreneurs, the Disorder does not fit into any of the boxes that could give it access to other solidarity funds. Too recent to claim a loan guaranteed by the State or any banking aid, ineligible for the plan of support for culture because considered as a discotheque in spite of the 146 artists welcomed since its opening, the Disorder is spent very close to the key under the door a few days ago.

“We have considered filing for bankruptcy”

“Even if we have placed our workers on partial unemployment, we still have to advance money to pay them. However, our bank does not grant us any cash facility, continues the manager. So we considered filing for bankruptcy so that they could get unemployment benefits and not be caught in the throat. But the commercial court is closed, so we couldn’t. “

It was then that the idea of ​​an online prize pool was born.. Launched only a few days ago and relayed on the networks, it has already allowed the team to recover a little more than 5,000 euros, like a breath of fresh air. “We are incredibly happy with this generosity towards us. This will allow us to unlock our employees’ pay, and it’s a relief. However, we are not saved. Everything will depend on the reopening date. If it can be done in June, we may have a future. But if we are not part of the possible charter which will concern bars and restaurants, we are very likely not to be able to get out of it. And we are not alone. If this continues, all the little hands of culture will be in danger. Large structures will be saved, but not local culture. So she will need public support.

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