Ethiopia Affirms All-Out to Surround the capital Tigray


ADDIS ABABA – Military Ethiopia said they planned to use the tank to surround the Mekelle, the capital of the Tigray region. Addis Ababa warned civilians that they too could use artillery in the city.

“The next phase is the decisive part of the operation, which is to surround the Mekelle with tanks, finish the battle in the mountainous area and move on,” said Ethiopian military spokesman Dejene Tsegaye.

Dejene, as reported by Reuters on Sunday (11/22/2020), said that civilians in Makelle must be vigilant, because it is not impossible for them to become victims. (Also read: Ethiopian Tigray troops fire rockets at the capital of Amhara)

“So far, we have only attacked targets where there are only junta troops, but in the case of the Mekelle it may be different. We want to send a message to the public in the Mekelle to save ourselves from artillery attacks and break free from the junta,” he said, referring to the People’s Liberation Front. Tigray (TPLF).

“The junta is now protecting itself by mixing into society and society must isolate itself from the junta. After that, there will be no mercy,” he said. (Also read: Ethiopia rejects African Union mediation efforts, moves forward to the capital Tigray)

The conflict in Tigray itself erupted on November 4 after what the government described as a sudden attack on federal forces by forces from the TPLF, the political party that controls Tigray.

Information about the fighting is patchy and claims by all sides are difficult to verify as telephone and internet communications to the region have been cut off since the conflict began.



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