Estoczyca react to the match against Legi Warszawa in el. Champions League. “It’s a giant” Pika None

“We will not give the Legia ball, we will not limit ourselves to defense” – he quoted before the match Flora with Legion, bold announcements of its players daily “Ohtuleth”. The bold declarations of the team that made it for the first time in history Champions League she was promoted to the second round of her elimination (she played in it twice, because it was from this stage that she started the struggle), it proved to be a word. The Estonians had only a few percent less ball possession than Legia. In addition, they scored on the Łazienkowska street after a beautiful action, almost until the end of the match, maintaining a favorable 1-1 draw. Although eventually Flora lost 1: 2, the media in the country is proud of the team.

“They boldly pressed Legia”

“Flora presented herself well, she played militantly, although at times she was a bit lost”, summed up the Wednesday events at Łazienkowska “Ohtuleth”. The newspaper also cites a former player of Jagiellonia and Piast, and now a player of the Estonian champion, who was unsatisfied after the game. – I would like our team to develop faster – said Konstantin Vasiliev. – Overall, I am satisfied. All the games in Europe in recent years have given us more confidence. One day it will pay off, so that we can win with the stronger – he added.

Portal calls Legia a giant and notes that after the hosts quickly scoring a goal, game Estonians improved a lot. “Flora was able to create some great actions, Henrik Ojamaa played spectacularly, although in the last minutes of the match when a draw, our team was not able to get out of its half “- describes the portal, which comments on its article and the final result of the match with the slogan” painful loss “. The portal emphasizes that Legia has an international team with players from Poland , Croatia, Sweden, Portugal, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Albania, Israel, Serbia and some stars with the top scorer Ekstraklasa Thomas Pekhart or who once played in Premier League Artur Boruc.

Delfi Sport also considers the second goal scored by the Poles to be a “painful loss”. Madis Kalvet, who describes the match, points out that the Estonians created as many opportunities in this match as the Polish champions, and “Flora she boldly put pressure on her opponents, which at times caused their problems. “

“A commendable performance”

“It was a commendable performance,” points out Postimess. “Flora did a great job in the area of ​​a stronger rival, and both Legia goals were caused by the mistakes of the Estonian club’s defenders” – notes the journalist describing the match and quotes Flora’s coach Jurgen Henn. – We still have opportunities in Tallinn fighting for promotion. We will make every effort to ensure that our game is at least as good as today, in Tallinn we will do our best – described the coach. He admitted that the excitement and tension in this match was comparable to last year’s European matches against Dynamo Zagreb (1-3) and Eintracht Frankfurt (1-2, 1-2).

The second leg of the LM qualifying round will take place on Tuesday 27 July in Tallinn. As the media emphasize, Flora will want a surprise in this meeting and will definitely fight for it.

The winner of the Flora – Legia duel will face off in the 3rd round of el. LM with the winner of the confrontation Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia) – Omonia Nicosia (Cyprus). The loser of the pair Flora – Legia in the third qualifying round of the Europa League, will face a worse team from the same pair.


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