Essent de klos customers: from 1 October, prices will increase significantly

This leaves Essent on his customers know this.

Almost 50 cents added

The current electricity tariff in Essent is 0.29447 euros per kilowatt hour. From next month it will be € 0.44395 per kilowatt hour. This is still well below 70 cents per kilowatt hour, the amount likely to apply as a price cap from January 1.

The increase will therefore have to be paid out of one’s own pocket not only in the coming months, but also once the price ceiling has come into force.

Pepijn Crone explains how the maximum price works in the video below:

The gas tariff will go from 1.51371 euros per cubic meter to 1.99440 euros. In the coming months, this will be bad for Essent’s customers.

But from January 1, the government will pay the entire increase. The maximum ceiling will probably be 1.50 euros per cubic meter of gas: even below the current rate.

Taxes included

“Energy prices are still rising very rapidly. Unfortunately, variable supply rates will increase as of October 1, 2022,” an email reads to customers. The new rates include “energy tax, sustainable energy and climate transition surcharge and 9 percent VAT”.

According to Essent, over 1 million customers have variable energy contracts. According to the company, the impact of the tariff variation on the final energy bill varies depending on the customer. This depends on the composition of the household, the type of dwelling, the energy saving and sustainability measures adopted and the actual energy consumption.

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