Esselunga works with us: new hires. Open positions

News in the section “Esselunga works with us“: There are new open positions to work in the world of large distribution. The company is committed to increasing its staff. Let’s go and see in ours column dedicated to the world of work, everything you need to know about locations, sought-after professions and application methods.

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Esselunga: history

Founded in 1957 a Milano, the company operates in the sector of GDO in northern and central Italy. Has 160 points of sale open and inside work more than 23 thousand employees. The annual turnover exceeds 8 billion euros and the main office is located in Pioltello, a fraction of Limito (MI).

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Esselunga works with us

Esselunga works with us: the offices

The most recent job searches have been activated in the locations of:

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Esselunga works with us

Open positions in Esselunga

The figures sought are mainly:

  • Perfumery Sales Consultant
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Esselunga works with us

How to apply for Esselunga

To apply, simply connect to the site “Esselunga works with us”Where you can choose role and work area. After choosing the position for which to compete, you need to read the requirements, click on “Apply now“, Select whether to apply in a standard way or via LinkedIn and follow the instructions indicated.

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