Essarts in Bocage. He won gold in the competition for the best apprentice in France

Holder of a masonry CAP, Charly Guicheteau follows his vocational certificate (BP) training at the BTP-CFA Vendée (Aforbat de La Roche). On a work-study basis in the company Fernandez et fils des Essarts, it was as part of his apprenticeship that he entered the competition for the best apprentice in France. After obtaining the gold medal at the departmental and regional levels, he defended his achievement in Angers and won gold at the national level.

His boss, Laurent Fernandez, says: “Even if we supported him, advised him during the creation of his subject, he did everything in his spare time. “ Charly, he believes that “This represents at least 120 hours of work over three months, to make, undo and redo ».

We had to find the right materials, techniques and colors, but it was undoubtedly its smooth and shiny concrete roof, obtained mechanically thanks to a long fitting, that made the difference.

The young mason also obtained a bronze medal at the Olympiad des Métiers, in Angers, in March 2020. “I am very grateful to my company and I thank them for their support”, concludes Charly.

After his BP, Charly Guicheteau will continue his training in the renovation of old buildings.


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