Espargaro is angry with Marquez after the Spanish MotoGP

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Aprilia racer Aleix Espargaro angry at Marc Marquez because being one of the racers who made him unable to maximize the speed of the motorbike in Spanish MotoGPSunday (1/5).

Espargaro actually achieved a fairly satisfactory result at the Jerez Circuit. The Argentine MotoGP champion was able to climb the third podium of the Spanish MotoGP.

However, Espargaro said he could have done a better race. But the desire for him to appear fast was hampered by the actions of Marquez and also Jack Miller.

Marquez and Miller claimed Espargaro slowed down his motorbike. As a result, he could not catch up with Francesco Bagnaia and Fabio Quartararo who finished in the top two positions.

“I was very angry because I had speed but they braked very slowly and we stopped in the middle of the corner. I couldn’t maximize my speed in the corner,” said Espargaro. Crash.

“I saw how Fabio and Pecco went away, but it was impossible to overtake [Miller dan Marquez]”he continued.

Espargaro was finally able to finish third in the Spanish MotoGP. He was more than a second and a half ahead of Marquez who finished behind him.

Finishing in third position makes Espargaro continue to enliven the competition in the 2022 MotoGP riders standings. Espargaro is perched in second position with a difference of seven points from Quartararo who is at the top with 89 points.

The next French MotoGP race in 2022 will be held on May 15.

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