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With a group in the city of Santa Fe, the Rally Metropolis of San Francisco started this Saturday in siesta several hours, valid for the fifth round of Cordobés. Santiago Baldo the chief of the standard and Carlos Maggi the finest San Francisco. Rasseto wins in his class. The Super Exclusive will be held in the town centre at 8pm.

It has taken a long time, nine lengthy years have passed, but this has totally not discouraged anybody, on the opposite accumulating victories to delight in the rally once again in the city and in the neighboring countries. This Saturday in Esmeralda the engines roared and the skids prompted the group that accompanied the additional than 100 vehicles competing along the far more than 10 kilometers of time trial.

Santiago Baldo was speediest in the total standings with the Ford Maxi Rally. Whilst Carlos Maggi alongside one another with his brother Eduardo was the quickest in San Francisco with a time of 7: 34.4 (11th over-all) in the VW. Then, all over again referring to the locals, Marcos Benedetto and Raúl Miretti with a easy shot on objective scored the initially round with a distinct time of 7: 47.4. The shock was Federico Rasseto with his brother Franco, the very best of the RC5 with the Ford Fiesta Kinetic, three seconds more rapidly than the previous world champion Claudio Menzi.

Marcos Benedetto flying

A different San Francisco combating in his class is Tomás Perotti in the N1. The league pointer is 3rd.

The continuity of the Rally will be at 20:00 in the Av. Cervantes Super Unique, touring less than the watchful eye of San Francisco de Asís.


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Saturday 27
SS2: San Francisco / All sanitary facilities / 1.7 Km – 20.03 Hs.

Domingo 28
SS3: San Francisco – Luxardo (I) / 13.4 Km – 8.18 Hs.
SS4: Bauer and Sigel – Piedmont (I) / Km 15.8 – Hm 9.21.
PE5: Josefina – All the things is offered listed here (I) / 6.4 Km – 9.54 Hs.
San Francisco – Company Park: 10:32 am
SS6: San Francisco – Luxardo (II) / 13.4 Km – 12.43 Hs.
SS7: Bauer and Sigel – Piedmont (II) / Km 15.8 – Hm 13.46.
SS8: Josefina – Entire (II) is marketed listed here / 6.4 Km – 14:19.
Ultimate Podium San Francisco: 14.57 Hs

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