Esmée van Kampen furious about ‘edit’ by De Verraders: ‘Nauseating’

That it’s in The Traitors is not always neat, we don’t have to tell you. Nevertheless, an action by Esmée caused surprise among many viewers. The episode showed that Steven Brunswijk talked about the death of his mother in a speech. Esmée then suggested that Stefano Keizers had said that Steven had made that speech ‘to generate sympathy, so that people wouldn’t realize he was a traitor.’

This hit Steven hard. “That’s really low,” he exclaimed. “I get poisonous about that.” The comedian decided to confront Stefano, but he vehemently denied. It therefore seemed to the viewers that Esmée had been fiddling a bit, but according to her that is not true. “It really saddens me that a certain edit of me was chosen within the 2nd episode of De Verraders and another one was protected,” she writes in her Instagram Stories.

“Presenting me as someone who uses the death of a loved one as a certain ‘means’ within the game is really disgusting and is the complete opposite of who I am and what I stand for.” Esmée explains that at the time of the recordings she had to say goodbye to a number of people in her immediate environment who would soon die. So you can understand that my tolerance towards the issue was non-existent and the reason why I acted as a ‘whistleblower”.

The actress fervently hopes that one of her co-stars will take ‘responsibility’. “I hope that the person I then spoke to within the program will one day take responsibility and admit that the game was being played too personally at that moment.” She concludes her message by saying that this is all “no cat piss.” “It hurts me because I wasn’t responsible for this, but unfortunately it seems that way now. I find it nauseating.’

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