Escape game: Everyone has their solution to resume the game

Rummaging in trunks, lifting, moving objects, so many fun gestures that were very nice … before. But since the coronavirus rages, they are almost banned. However for an escape game, this can seriously compromise a game.
Fortunately, managers have the soul of players and creators, quick to adapt in all circumstances.
In Migné-Auxances in Vienne, the Poitiers escape game has been ready for fifteen days. “We have modified the puzzles and removed some superfluous decor elements. We will need 30 minutes of cleaning between each group “, explains Alexandre Valade, the manager of the room.”We’re just waiting for the green light now. “

In the Deux-Sèvres, in Niort, the escape game the Issue is fortunate to be a mobile structure that operates in tourist places, festivals or in private homes. The management couple have also changed their scenarios. “We resume in June at Coudray-Salbart Castle with groups of 18 people maximum. Some of our equipment will become disposable. Fortunately, the escape game is a secondary activity for us. But it’s true that we can’t wait to play people again “, smiles Quentin Petit Delepine, manager of the structure.

What future for team building sessions?

Outdoor events are fairly easy to manage. The big unknown remains all the parts inside. In La Rochelle, the outdoor hunting town escape game has developed another concept. “We proposed virtual escape games using Google street view. It worked very well” enthuses Thibaut Giuseppi, the founder of the hunting town escape game. To the point that he plans to develop this format. “This allowed us to stay afloat, otherwise we would have sunk financially. There I did not pay myself, but I was able to honor the contracts of my four employees. We must be very reactive in our environment, especially since all corporate sessions, team buildings, will not necessarily continue at first “, he adds.

In Angoulême, a drive escape with a barrel on wheels and a briefcase / © Pierre Besson-escape game code 60 live
In Angoulême, a drive escape with a barrel on wheels and a briefcase / © Pierre Besson-escape game code 60 live

In Angoulême, in Charente, Pierre Besson, the manager of the Code 60 live escape game, also found a way out. “I proposed a drive escape!” A concept which consists in renting a mobile escape object, in this case a barrel or a spy case. Normally, a game master animates the game around these objects. There, the players have a booklet to fend for themselves.“I think I will pursue this option because it worked well“, adds Pierre Besson.

For the time being, everyone is waiting to know the details of the decree to be published on Tuesday, and thus to know whether they will be able to open at the beginning of June or at the end of June. Mystery and suspense …

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