Esatco: 34 employees have been decorated with the labor medal in Loudéac – Loudéac

Very festive atmosphere at the municipal foyer for the ceremony of awarding the work medals to Esatco professionals. 34 employees were involved, delighted to go on stage in four categories.

Obtained the silver medal for 20 years of activity: David Brille, Benoît Chouin, Éric Desbordes, Cyrille Julou, Virginie Le Baud, Aurélia Marteil, Mickaël Mauvieux, Guylaine Mauvieux, Nicolas Moysan, Céline Pencolé, Jérôme Poilbout, Cathy Sérandour .

Vermeil medal, 30 years of activity: Philippe Botti, Éric Lemarié, Anne-Marie Le Franc, Laurent Le Roscouët, Hervé Madoré, Véronique Robion.

Gold medal, 35 years of activity: Marie-Noëlle Cherriaux, Jean-Yves Colleu, Armelle Foucault, Jean-Michel Gaubicher, Michel Guillemet, Jocelyne Houée, Gérard Jégo, Béatrice Latouche, Thierry Leux, Maryvonne Le Boulanger, Martine Le Comte, Bruno Le Fevre, Marie-Christine Le Maux, Patricia Le Paul, Philippe Parquet.

Grand gold medal: Michèle Le Bris.

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