ESA broadcasts first-ever live footage of Mars from orbiter

The European Space Agency conducted the first-ever live broadcast of footage of Mars. The European probe Mars Express was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome back in June 2003, and it reached Mars on December 3, 2003.

Researchers have been preparing the orbiter for several months. Now it is at an altitude of 17.5 thousand km above the surface of Mars.

The total broadcast time was about an hour, with photos of Mars changing approximately every 50 seconds. Images of the planet appeared with a 17-minute delay. This time was needed to cover the distance of more than 287 million miles from Mars to Earth.

Exploration of Mars

Recall, we reported that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Pentagon and NASA are working on the creation of a nuclear rocket engine.

The new engine, according to NASA, will be three or more times more efficient than existing liquid rocket engines. Nuclear propulsion could allow spacecraft to cover the average distance of 225 million kilometers between Earth and Mars much faster than is possible today, according to engineers.

We also reported that NASA’s Curiosity Rover took stunning photos of beams of light illuminating the clouds during sunset on the “red planet”.

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