Ervin Grencis becomes the Czech champion, the competitor expresses dissatisfaction


At the end of the season, several Latvian athletes fought in competitions abroad, ensuring high results both in the specific competitions and in the overall ratings of the series, reports

Ervin Grencis – Czech champion!
The greatest success was achieved in the Czech Republic, where Ervin Grencis took part in the last stage of the Czech Autocross Championship on the Sedlčani track. Having won everything he can win in the preliminaries, Ervin was also the best in the SuperBuggy class final, beating the closest follower and overall leader before this stage, Jakub Kubiček and third place finisher Martin Hrubija, by more than five seconds.

Grencis took three of the four stages of the Czech Championship, winning all. As it turned out, even the missed stage was enough for Ervin to become the Czech champion. It was a severe blow to Kubiček, who started in all stages – so severe that the Czech even refused to shake hands with the Latvian when they both reached the podium of the last stage. Grencis at the end of the season 101 points, Kubiček – 98, Raek Jordāk – 91.

Medals at the Latvian Championship for Latvians
Latvian athletes have successfully concluded the Lithuanian Autocross Championship – won medals in the national series of the neighboring country. The fourth – last – stage of the Lithuanian championship took place in Plunge. In the Super 1600 class, Kaspars Silenieks finished in second place this time after three winning stages, allowing Eligijs Abartis, who has not started in the class so far, to win. Sileniekis with the second place was enough to become the Lithuanian champion in the Super 1600 class.

Raivis Grigorovičs won the fifth place in the last stage of the 2000 Super class, and although he did not start in the first stage, the following results were bright enough to achieve the bronze medal of the Lithuanian championship in the overall standings. Raivja’s fifth place in Plungė followed the second two positions in the previous stages. In the overall standings he is ahead of champion Toms Skrodenis and vice-champion Laurīns Paulauskas.

A less joyful story in the Lithuanian championship Mini class: a week after the Plunge competition, the last stage of the Latvian championship took place in Brenguļi, Emīls Mirošņiks and his team – leaders before the last stages in both Lithuania and Latvia – did not go to the race. Miroshnik did not start in Lithuania, because at that time there was a ten-day self-isolation for those who returned from Lithuania, respectively, Miroshnik would not be allowed to race in Brenguli (just like Grigorovich in the 2000 Super class). The team chose to sacrifice Lithuania’s leading position to continue the fight for the title of Latvian champion. In the last stage, the second place after Agnis Pilipavičs in Pluņģis was won by the deputy leader Ažuols Dungveckis, thus depriving Mirošņiks of the title of Lithuanian champion in absentia. The gods of sports were gracious in the Latvian test – Emīls Brenguļi became the Latvian champion. In any case, a bright season – champion in the homeland, vice-champion in Lithuania!

Klavs Žvagins, a rider of the Mini Buggy class, also received the classification in the Lithuanian test, winning the eighth place in the class. Other Latvians are not included in the results of the Lithuanian Championship due to insufficient number of stages (at least three of the four races had to be completed).

Success also in Lithuanian rallycross
The Lithuanian Rallycross Championship stage ended in Kehala, where Latvian drivers could not start due to self-isolation regulations, thus the NEZ Baltic Championship stage did not take place. But Lithuanians could go to Estonia. Despite this nuance, Juris Spīķis became a champion in the Super 1600 class. Janno Ligurs won more for one overall point, but he did not receive the classification in the championship, it seems, due to the formalities of the license. Maija Stakens fourth in the Super 2000 class, Kristaps Kasparovičs fifth. In the Supercars class Edijs Ošs – Lithuanian vice-champion, launching Šarūns Gliks in front. It should be noted that Eddie was in the start in the final stage in Kehala, winning second place in the eight-player competition.

The virus takes away the medal in the Estonian rallycross
Due to the same virus and restrictions, the 2019 Estonian Rallycross Champion Kristaps Grunte could not finish this year’s championship, where he fought for medals until the last possible moment. Grunte was third in the Touringcar class after the third stage, but Kristaps could no longer finish the last two races in Kehala and Elva, dropping to fifth place in the overall standings.

In the Supercar class with three started stages, the seventh place was won by Jānis Veģeris, who did not start in any of the series in the second half of the season. Osh formally received the 14th place in the class. Jānis Baumanis, starting in the penultimate stage in Kehala, in Crosskart Xtreme class 19th place.

Estonian autocross seems to be a medal
The last stage of this series was held at the Estonian Truck Cross Country Championship just yesterday, October 17 – without Latvians. Before receiving the results of the fight, it seems that Ingus Staško, who was in the second place in the overall ranking before the last race, will have won the medal in the GAZ 51 class (D12).

The penultimate stage took place on the Varstu track, and in the D12 class an unprecedented result was recorded – the Latvians took out all three pedestal positions. After a generally unsuccessful season, Bruno Leimanis won, followed by Ingus Staško and Alvils Igovens.

In the B6000 class, Ainārs Ramats climbed to the third stage of the Varstu race on the podium, but Jānis Kozlovskis finished in the fourth place. Andris Ribaks took eighth place in the debut race. None of the Latvians were in the top three in this class before the last stage, but currently there are no reports that any of our riders started in the Saturday stage in Tapa (although there are suspicions).

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