Ernst Daniël Smid working on a letter to grandchildren for after his death | NOW

Ernst Daniël Smid is writing a letter to his grandchildren. The singer wants her to have a keepsake of him when he’s gone, he tells Thursday in conversation with it AD.

“I have seen with my wife Roos how quickly things can suddenly go”, Smid explains. “She was gone within a year, because of pancreatic cancer.” Former ballerina Rosemarie Giesen van der Sluis passed away in 2012.

“My father was suddenly gone too, because of his heart”, the baritone singer continues. “I didn’t know him well enough. I want to do that differently. I realize it could be over at any moment.”

In November 2019 it was announced that the 67-year-old Blacksmith has Parkinson’s disease. There is still no recovery from the brain disease with symptoms that can differ per person.


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