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Smid is known to the Dutch public as a presenter and baritone singer. He performed at Carnegie Hall in New York, sang the lead role in for example Wretched in Sweeney Todd and presented for both radio and television. In the book, the singer discusses his career and the people who have been most important to him in it.

In addition, he will talk candidly about Parkinson’s disease and what the consequences are for his life. Earlier he confessed that he has thought of suicide when he heard the diagnosis. “Singing the opera has been my life. When I was told that I couldn’t do that anymore, I seriously thought: I’m going to Belgium now, buy a gun and shoot myself through my brain.

That thought disappeared because of the love for his children. “But I was desperate, because Parkinson’s is a disease that cannot be reversed,” he said in March.

Last weekend Smid was still moved by his performance in The Masked Singer as a mysterious yeti. In it he also indicated that he struggled with his body. He felt very much supported by the production. His act made deep impression on the jury and the viewers.

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Ernst Daniël Smid told earlier in Pauw about his illness:

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