Eril’s body will be buried near the mosque grounds in Cimaung Bandung

BANDUNG, – The body of the eldest son of West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz (Eril) will be buried on his family’s land in Cimaung, Bandung Regency, West Java.

Precisely in Kampung Geger Beas, RT 01 RW 05 Cimaung Village, Cimaung District, Bandung Regency, in the vicinity of Baitul Ridwan Islamic Center.

Luas area Eril .’s funeral measuring 15 x 15 meters. In front of him lies a view of rice fields and mountains.

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The position of Eril’s burial ground is at the lowest point, not far from the foundation where a mosque is planned to be built.

As observed by, the family-owned land is only 5 kilometers from Banjaran Square, not far from the Mount Puntang tourist attraction.

From morning to evening, freelancers are already busy at the location. They share the tasks that must be done today.

Starting from the front entrance, the workers began repairing billboards for large banners.

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Another worker then climbed the billboard and installed lights and electrical display cases.

Then on the inside, some workers were seen tidying up the access road which was still perforated and then covered with gravel.

This can also be seen in the parking lot which is planned to be used for visiting guests. The area of ​​the parking lot is estimated to be able to accommodate dozens of vehicles.

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